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Rapid Low Cost Industrial Design for Household Article and Home Appliance

Item Name:

 Engine Cover

Business Service

1) CNC Machined prototype

Material : ABS, PC, PMMA, PE, POM, PA, AL, steel, Cu, etc.

3) SLA prototype (ABS ),SLS prototype

Material: ABS,PP,PE,POM, Nylon ,etc

3) Vacuum casting prototype

Material : ABS、PC、PP、PU

4) The prototype by 3D printer

Material: ABS,PP,PE,POM, Nylon ,steel etc
5) Reverse engineering

Surface treatment:

Paint, polish, electroplat, water-plated,vacuumplating,silk-print, wiredrawing,transparent surface,
translucent surface, texturing, sand plast etc.

Applied Industry:

1. Automotive Industry
2. Electronic Industry
3. Home appliance
4. Medical Industry
5. Hardware Industry

Practicable File Formats:

Unigraphics,  Catia, Pro/E, Solidworks, Auto CAD, CAM, Coreldraw
*.prt, *.catpart, *.igs, *.stp, *.x-t, *.stl, *.sldprt, *.dwg, *.mcc, *.cdr

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Lead time


Professional Rapid Prototype Service

1. SLA and SLS

2. CNC Machining

3. Polyurethane Casting or Vacuum Casting

1. SLA and SLS

2. CNC Machining

3. Polyurethane Casting or Vacuum Casting

Material Used In Rapid Prototyping

1. Plastics: ABS, MABS, PMMA, PVC, PC, POM, PP, PA, PPT, PE etc.

2. Metal: Stainless steel, aluminium or copper etc.

3. Rubber: PU

Our serivice

Surface Finishes we provide.

Sanding, Sandblast, Polishing, Vapor Polishing, Painting (Matt, Gloss, Texture), UV Finish, Silkscreening, Pad Printing, Hot Stamping, Laser Engraving, Passivation, Anodizing, Brushed, Plating, Vacuum Plating, etc.

Our Equipments Used in Rapid Prototyping.

3-D laser scanners, CNC machining centers, Laser Engraving Machines, SLA modeling machines, vacuum casting machines, ultraviolet ovens, Milling Machine, Sand Blasting Machine, Electroplating and Oxidation Equipments, Silkscreen Equipment, Pad Printer, Water Curtain Spray Booth and other professional equipments.