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Dreamate Sleeper Aid Wristband For Sleeping Comfortable

The dreamate sleeper aid wristband is help you improve the sleep quality and blood pressure .

Dreamate Sleeper aid wristband for sleeping comfortable

1.Wrist sleep aid

2.Wristband sleeper monitor

3. Sleeping Aid Infrared biological sleepers

4. Management Wristband Blood Pressure

5. Wrist sleep massager



  1. Use the infrated massage the boby, make to feel comfortable

  2. In nature physical way to adjust the body’s physiologican function for improving the sleep quality 

  3. Improve the blood pressure

  4. After a period of time using , it is able to have healthy life

  5. Uses dual frequency to deeped stimulation technology




Size:24.8x5.7 cm

Power:1.5V AAA battery (excluded )

Export voltage: 1.10~1.50 V, 5.50~6.60V


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