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Wood Grain Essential Oil Diffuser

This diffuser humidifier does double duty to make your home fresher and healthier, keeping your living space humid helps prevent colds/flu and congestion. Dry and cracked skin also prevented.


·   ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION COMPACT DESIGN   this humidifiers oil diffuser for essential oils No print classic, compact design to remove dry, improve the space humidity and odor fog two adjustable, for different occasions, Non-contact water level sensor, lower power consumption, green energy saving And static electricity, not easy to infect the skin

·   ULTRA-QUIET AND OPTIMIZE FOG DUCT OUTLET     this diffuser Ultra-quiet design, the market larger in the high-end humidification aromatherapy machine, Sleep at night when using the sound blanket, this product is perfect beyond this point. Optimized duct design, fog drift higher, farther, unexpected effect, Looks ethereal beautiful

·    WITH ROMANTIC COLORFUL NIGHT LIGHTS SHOW   humidifiers working among 7 colors, two mode: steady on/changing color, can steady on one color you like, or itself changing colors as a night lights also can work no lights, Aromatherapy effect not only can reduce the pressure to ease fatigue A variety of background lights, Increase the space atmosphere unique super hazy sleep light, so humidifiers for bedroom love by kids

·    WORK AS HUMIDIFIER & ESSENTIAL OIL DIFFUSER  as essential oil diffuser or humidifier, aromatherapy machine design novel, the oriental aroma culture and modern technology combined with the use of ultrasonic overclocking vibration principle of water and plant aromatherapy essential oil fog into 5μm ultrafine particles, while a large number of more easily absorbed by the body of negative ions, give full play to essential oils of natural aroma The efficacy of therapy

·    IMPROVE AIR QUALITY RELIEVE STRESS GET RELAXED  this diffuser humidifier work with water and essential oils to help you in the stressful work life to get relaxed, To achieve health and soothe the nerves, skin moisturizing effect. With the sedative and soothing aroma essential oils, Can effectively improve the quality of sleep


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Beauty: refresh skin and can be taken as a skin care, keep skin healthy and moist. 
Decoration: chose the light you like to make the room romantic and happy, essential oil smells nice. 
Humidify: humidify and refresh the air in the room we breathe. 
Purify: neutralizes static, reduce infection of skin.
Relief: aroma therapy, relieve stress. 


1 x 300ml Aroma Oil Diffuser 
1 x Wall Charger Adaptor 
1 x Measuring Glass 
1 x User Manual 


Essential Oil is not included in the package.
Before press the MIST button, please ensure that you have added water into the tank. 
Please add water below the Max line(less water, more mist). 
Wood-grain design but made from PLASTIC."

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