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Bluetooth Speaker Built-in Battery
Aug 17, 2017

Bluetooth digital speakers are built-in batteries, so that the real wireless. The built-in battery good and bad directly determines the Bluetooth digital speaker playback time and service life. Please ask carefully for the actual playback time and the number of times of repeated recharge before purchasing. It is recommended that the consumers choose the polymer lithium battery when Bluetooth Bluetooth speaker is chosen, without the risk of explosion.

Battery type:

1 Polymer Battery:

Advantages: safe and efficient, soft package without explosion hidden danger.

Disadvantages: Kind of heteropoly, pure cobalt (good) and pure manganese (difference) polymer battery difference several times.

2) 18650 Battery

Advantages: Excellent performance, charge and discharge can reach the highest level (more for notebook batteries), there is explosion protection

Disadvantages: more battery and old battery. Same 18650 battery good and bad difference 5-10 times

3 Aluminum Shell Battery

Advantages: The price is very cheap

Disadvantage: poor performance. There is no explosion-proof measures, the consequences of the explosion unimaginable.

Battery Protection Board:

1 The Battery Protection Board of a motley battery is poor in charging and discharging protection.

2 The unstable current output not only affects the sound quality, but also causes a great current sound.

Good quality battery charge and discharge 500 times can also reach the initial capacity of 80%. The quality of the battery charge and discharge 100 times after the initial capacity of not even up to 50%.

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