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Perfect combination of sound quality and portability of dual speakers
Aug 17, 2017

This Bluetooth speaker in the pronunciation unit is divided into two speakers, two speakers + a vibrating film, two horn + inverted hole, two horn + two vibrating film, etc. The function is mainly divided into mini home-type Bluetooth speaker and outdoor sports-type Bluetooth speaker.

Mini Home Type Bluetooth speaker

This type of speaker has a greater degree of improvement in the quality of the majority of people can basically meet the use, unless you are very high quality requirements are very professional to require. Its sound quality is relatively small and portable, is basically the palm size, suitable for home display, modelling diverse product design difference is a good Bluetooth speaker. But because he is not specifically for outdoor sports design, product grip general, there is no waterproof and anti-fall function, so the main use of the site for indoor.

Outdoor Sports Type Bluetooth speaker

Outdoor sports Bluetooth speaker for the Bluetooth speaker market on the upstart. He assembled the various advantages of several speakers, the speaker grip is good for portability, both to meet the home, but also to meet the long outdoor use. Because of the professional and technical requirements for the use of materials is relatively high, generally only some big brands of business design and production, work is more meticulous, materials more sophisticated, there is a certain technical support. Its sound quality can achieve a relatively high level, superior to the general Bluetooth speakers, to meet the vast majority of users. Due to the need to meet some of the outdoor extreme environment, this type of product in the material through a special design, generally will have a strong three function, its battery endurance capacity, generally in the 10-20 hours between. Prices vary between 400~1500 and yuan. This combination of portable and sound quality of the speaker practicality and applicability are very good, will become the mainstream of the Bluetooth speaker market.

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