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Single Speaker Mini Portable type
Aug 17, 2017

Mini Portable Bluetooth speaker in the pronunciation unit, there is a loudspeaker, a loudspeaker + a bass radiator, a horn + inverted hole and a loudspeaker vibrating film and other types. The function is mainly divided into ordinary single tube mini Bluetooth speaker and outdoor mini Bluetooth speaker.

Ordinary single tube mini Bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth speakers in the initial stage of this simple single tube Bluetooth speakers flourish. Because of the simple structure process, no need for special technical support, attracted a large number of manufacturers, because the price is very cheap by the people who just touch the Bluetooth speakers like, a time on the market this kind of speakers countless. For people to know and familiar with the Bluetooth speaker made a small contribution. But because its cavity cavity is too small, the product homogeneity is serious, the price is low and so on oneself condition restraint, the speaker sound quality is very difficult to have the breakthrough, the life time is short, mostly in 2-3 hours, causes this kind of speaker to use the limitation very big, most can only in the fixed place use Most of its use of the crowd is not required to sound quality, so inexpensive ordinary single-cylinder Bluetooth speakers are easy for the public to buy.

Outdoor Single tube Mini Bluetooth speaker

Because the ordinary mini Bluetooth speaker is difficult to meet the requirements of outdoor environment, so the outdoor mini Bluetooth speaker is born. Its wireless, portable, home outdoor use can, to achieve basic waterproof and fall requirements, can meet the simple outdoor movement, but also because the size is too small limitations, its sound quality can not have a greater breakthrough, only in the portability and waterproof to break a breakthrough, the life of the general in the 3-5 hours of life time can only carry out a brief outdoor activities. As an outdoor Bluetooth speaker of a transition product, its price is relatively cheap. The main advantages of this kind of speaker is small, portable, easy to carry, but with the small side is the quality of the general, low bass, battery life is short and other shortcomings.

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