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The advantages and disadvantages of Bluetooth module in 2013
Aug 17, 2017

1 CSR: (UK)

Advantages: The top-level Bluetooth module, playback and microphone sound quality is currently the best in the market, basically compatible with all Bluetooth equipment.

Disadvantage: not support the function of the radio card

2) Chuang Jie: (Taiwan)

Advantages: Good sound quality performance, with voice prompts, support card radio and other functions

Disadvantage: Microphone effect is not ideal, compatibility is general.

3) Bo Tong (Shanghai Bo Tong)

Advantages: Low price, same support card and radio

Disadvantages: Sound quality generally

4) Jian Rong (shenzhen)

Advantages: Low price, powerful function

Disadvantage: Compatibility general, receive short distance

5) OVC

Advantages: Low price, sound quality, rich function

Disadvantages: Poor call effect, general scalability, general versatility.

6) Yu Hundred Electronics

Advantages: Low price, mellow quality and rich function. New brands have just come out of the product will be more power.

Disadvantages: At present can not be the national UNPROFOR, only in Beijing East and the cat sales

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