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The white noise machine
Nov 25, 2017

The white noise machine

White noise devices are available from numerous manufacturers in many forms, for a variety of different uses, including audio testing equipment, sound masking products, sleep-aid devices, and power-nap machines. Sleep-aid and nap-machine products may also produce other soothing sounds, such as music, rain, wind, highway traffic and ocean waves mixed with—or modulated by—white noise. White noise generators are often used by sufferers of tinnitus to mask their symptoms.

Sound and noise have their own measurement and color coding technique, which enables specialized users to identify noise and sound according to respective needs and utilization. These specialized needs are dependent on professions and particular needs, as different needs are required by varied activities such as a psychiatrist who needs certain sounds for therapies and treatments on a mental level, and patients who suffer from certain conditions ranging from insomnia to anxiety and even tinnitus, these conditions are overcome with special devices which are designed to create certain sounds that overcome such conditions at a mental level. This device is known as a white noise machine, where “white” is the color code given to noise having a particular frequency spectrum.

The sounds generated by digital machines are not always truly random. Rather, they are short pre-recorded audio-tracks which continuously repeat at the end of the track.

Manufacturers of sound-masking devices recommend that the volume of white noise machines be initially set at a comfortable level, even if it does not provide the desired level of privacy. As the ear becomes accustomed to the new sound and learns to tune it out, the volume can be gradually increased to increase privacy.

Manufacturers of sleeping aids and power-napping devices recommend that the volume level be set slightly louder than normal music listening level, but always within a comfortable listening range.

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