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Types of Mini Fans
Aug 17, 2017

There are many different kinds of USB fans in the market at present.

Portable USB Fan

Portable USB fans can be powered by batteries and can be folded.

Direct-attached USB fan

feature is no base and cable, directly through a slender corrugated pipe connected to the USB port.

Universal USB Fan

The shape is relatively simple, the function is also very simple, only/power switch, the fan speed cannot adjust. The biggest advantage is that the air volume is larger and the noise is smaller. The market price is $number yuan.

Adjustable Speed USB Fan

The power switch uses the knob type, the biggest characteristic certainly is can adjust the air volume the size. The fan leaf uses the urethane formate to make, the softness, the wind volume is not big, the noise is not very much. The motor and the base part is connected with a flexible tube to adjust the angle of the hair. The market price is 35°c yuan.

Giant USB Fan

Larger than other common USB fans. and to provide a function of negative ions, when working in addition to providing cool wind can also produce negative ions, for users to create a good environment for the use of computers.

Creative USB Fan

Small fans also have a large personality, better air type structure can make the wind more thorough, coupled with the design of creative elements, so that small fans become more attractive.

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