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Fingernails Predict Health Troubles?
Mar 21, 2018

Various studies indicate that fingernails can predict health troubles as changes in the shape, color, or texture of nails can be indicators of many of conditions. For instance, one of the signs of lung disease is nail clubbing, a variation in the shape of the fingernails, in which they gradually begin to curve around the fingertips. Yellowing of the fingernails is often a sign of respiratory health troubles, such as chronic bronchitis, while a blue tint to the nails may be due to reduced oxygen flow. Spooned nails, in which there is a visible indentation similar to a scoop, can indicate liver disease or heart disease.

More information about fingernails:


·Fingernails are made of keratin, the same protein that makes up the hair.

·Psoriasis, a skin condition that causes skin cells to accumulate into dry, scaly patches instead of shedding, first shows signs in the fingernails approximately 10% of the time.

·Fingernails grow nearly twice as fast as toenails, at around 3.5 mm per month on average for fingers versus 1.6 mm for toenails—it can take around three to six months to grow an entire new nail.