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How To Choose The Best Bench For Your Bathroom?
Mar 14, 2018

To select the best bath bench, consumers need to evaluate the space available, as well as the weight limit and comfort of the bench. Buyers also should check the ability to clean the bench and whether it offers extras such as storage compartments.


Finding the best bath bench means looking at the dimensions of the bath bench first. These benches exist in a lot of shapes and sizes, and not all benches will be suitable for the space of an individual's specific tub, shower or bathroom. If space is an issue, the ideal bath bench is one that folds for storage, but if a person goes this route, he must put special attention on the hinge or slide mechanisms to ensure they do not compromise the weight support the user needs. Some benches are designed similar to wheelchairs and are best for easy non-lipped shower stall entry, but these benches are bulkier even if they fold down.


The weight limit is the next most important consideration in choosing a bath bench. Most benches are designed to accommodate up to roughly 90 kg. For people who are heavier than this or who are extremely overweight, it is better to go with a heavy duty or bariatric bath bench.