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Let Me Tell You How To Choose Comb Set
Mar 26, 2018

When we go to buy a comb set, we have many options.

Some comb sets include a variety of combs, each meant to serve a certain purpose. Other comb sets are made up of a comb and brush, and perhaps a mirror. For those buying a comb and brush set, it’s important that the comb included is right for our specific hair length and texture. The brush included with the comb set should be suitable for daily use, such as brushes with round balls on the end that are unlikely to damage the hair or scratch the scalp. Boar bristle brushes are a good, all-purpose choice for almost any hair type.

Many comb sets come with combs in a variety of teeth widths and sizes. Each of these will have a different effect on the hair, and will work better on some types of hair than others. Sometimes, a comb set will include a brush and a hand mirror, and perhaps other types of hair grooming tools. Comb sets are available at every price range, and it is even possible to buy an antique comb set, although many would argue that most antique comb sets should be purchased for decorative or collectible purposes rather than for actual use.

When we buy a comb set that only comes with one comb, we should make sure the comb is right for your hair type, length, and texture. A person with short, coarse hair will probably require a different kind of comb than someone with long, fine hair. Many find that a wide-tooth comb is a good, all-purpose choice that works well with most hair types and textures. Wide-tooth combs are also good for detangling wet and dry hair without breaking it. Combs should have blunt or rounded tips that won’t scratch or irritate the scalp.

Many times, a comb set will include a brush, and we should make sure the brush is right for daily use. A standard, flat paddle brush is good for most daily hair care needs. Brushes with boar bristles are recommended by many hair care professionals. Boar bristles won’t break or damage the hair and, some claim, can even help prevent split ends. Any brush not made of boar bristles should have round balls at the ends of the bristles, which will prevent damage to the hair and scalp.