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Maintenance Of Plastic Injection Mold
Aug 17, 2017

1.processing enterprises should first to each pair of molds equipped with CV card, detailed records, statistics of its use, care (lubrication, cleaning, anti-rust) and damage, according to which parts, components have been damaged, the degree of wear and tear to provide information to find and solve the problem, as well as the mold molding process parameters, products used in order to shorten the commissioning time of the mold, improve production efficiency.

 2. processing enterprises should be in the injection molding machine, the normal operation of the mold, testing the various performance of the mold, and the final molded plastic parts size measurement, through this information to determine the existing state of the mold, to find the cavity, core, cooling system and the breakdown of the fractal surface, according to the information provided by the plastic parts, you can determine the mold damage status and maintenance measures. the mold several important parts to carry on the key tracking detection: The ejection, the guidance component's function is to ensure the mold opening and closing movement and the plastic piece top out, if any part because of the damage and stuck, will lead to stop production, therefore should keep the mold thimble frequently, guide column lubrication (to choose the most suitable lubricant), and regularly check the Thimble, guide column and so on whether deformation and surface damage, once found, to be replaced in a timely manner; after completion of a production cycle, the mold work surface, movement, guide parts coated professional anti-rust oil, In particular, we should pay attention to the protection of the elastic strength of the bearing parts of gears, rack dies and spring molds to ensure that they are always in the best working condition. With the continuous production time, the cooling channel is easy to deposit scale, rust, silt and algae, etc. the cooling channel section becomes smaller, the cooling passage narrows, greatly reduces the heat exchange rate between the cooling fluid and the mold, and increases the production cost of the enterprise, so the cleaning of the convection channel should be paid attention to; For hot runner mould, the maintenance of heating and control system is helpful to prevent the production malfunction, Therefore, it is especially important. Therefore, each production cycle after the end of the mold with the belt heater, rod heaters, heating probes and thermocouples, such as the use of ohmmeter measurement, such as damage, to be replaced in a timely manner, and the mold resume to compare, do a good record, so that timely detection of problems, to take countermeasures. pay attention to the surface of the mold maintenance, it directly affects the surface quality of products, the focus is to prevent corrosion, therefore, choose a suitable, high-quality, professional anti-rust oil is particularly important. When the mold completion of the production task, according to different injection to take different methods to carefully remove residual injection molding, can be used copper rods, copper wire and professional mold cleaning agent to remove residual injection mold and other sediments, and then air-dry. Disable the removal of hard objects such as wire and steel bars to avoid scratching the surface. If corrosive injection-induced rust points, to use grinding polishing machine, and spray professional anti-rust oil, and then put the mold in a dry, cool, dust-free storage.