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The Gobal 3D Printing Services Market is Expected to Cross by 2022
Nov 30, 2017

The Gobal 3D Printing Services Market is Expected to Cross by 2022

The study considers the present scenario of the global 3D printing services market and its market dynamics for the period 2017-2022. It covers a detailed overview of various market growth enablers, restraints and trends. The study covers both the demand and supply sides of the market. It also profiles and analyzes the leading four companies and various other prominent companies operating in the market. 

The report supply the analysis of the key segments of the market via technology, end-user, services, geography, and vendors. It provides a detailed analysis of revenue from various segments: 

Technology Types 

• Extrusion 
• Jetting 
• Power bed fusion 
• Vat photopolymerization 
•  Stereolithography (SLA) 
• Continuous liquid interface production (CLIP) 
• Digital light processing (DLP) 
•  Others 

Services Offerings 

• Tooling and parts production 
• Rapid prototyping 
• Software services 
• System maintenance 
• Expert services 


• Industrial machinery 
• Aerospace and defense 
• Healthcare 
• Automotive 
• Consumer products 
• Others 


• Europe 
• North America 

• ROW 

The 3D printing services market comprise services rendered by 3D printing service providers to companies in the form of rapid prototyping; 3D printed parts and components produced on 3D printers; software services such as software updates and upgrades; system maintenance contracts; training; contract research; and consulting services. 

With the growing adoption of 3D printing technology in the manufacturing industry, te production process will change fundamentally in the new future. Rise of Manufacturing-as-a-Service (MaaS), reduction of waste and resource improvement are among the few notable transformations that this printing technology offers, which in return will boost the market. The market is expected to cross $13 billion, growing at a CAGR more that 28% during 2016–2022.