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Some Little Knowledge Of Plastic Injection Mold
Aug 17, 2017

The so-called mould (Mold) means that the resin material is injected into a metal model to obtain a device with a certain shape. Although not indicated in the diagram, in fact, in order to control the mold temperature, there is also a cooling medium (warm water or oil) through the coolant hole, heaters and other devices.

has become the melt material into the mainstream road, through the shunt channel, the gate injection into the mold cavity. After the cooling stage to open the mold, the top out of the machine will be the top out of the rod, the product launch.

Forming products are formed by diverting the molten resin into the sprue channel and the products of the mold cavity. If a molding can only be a product, production efficiency is not high. If we use a shunt channel to link multiple modules together, we can produce several products at the same time. At this point, if the channel to the length of the mold cavity is not equal, the resin can not be injected into the mold cavity at the same time, resulting in the size of the products, appearance, physical property differences. Therefore, we usually design the length of the shunt channel as equal.