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The Role Of The Bath Cap
Aug 17, 2017

1.8-10 Times stronger water absorption

2.Super soft touch does not hurt the skin

The soft touch of the feeling farewell to the face is equal to the era of shaving, light soft and easy to clean, can be dehydrated drying. The soft touch, the cashmere wool. Even if it is a BB to super suitable 

3.Does not lose the hair not to be damaged

This product uses the special weaving method not to drop the dander, the adsorption strength is strong when pillow, the sheet, the bed linen, will not slip to slip, is not easy to breakage. Keep warm and dustproof.

4. Never fade

Does not use the fluorescent agent, does not apply the dispersive poisonous harmful dye. In strict accordance with international standards for production, no matter how long it does not fade.

5.Deodorant treatment, do not produce odor