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Two-Color Injection Molding
Aug 17, 2017

The so-called dual-color injection molding, refers to the two different colors of plastic injection into the same mold molding method. It can make the plastic parts appear two different colors, and can make the plastic parts show a regular pattern or irregular moire patterns, in order to improve the practicality and aesthetics of plastic parts.

 Double process color injection Molding

It has two cartridges, each with the same structure and use as the ordinary injection molding barrel. Each barrel has its own channel and nozzle connection, in the nozzle path also equipped with On-off Valve 2, 4. Molding, the melt material in the barrel of the plastic, from the gate valve 2, 4 to control the melt into the nozzle sequence and the proportion of discharge material, and then injected into the mold cavity by the nozzle. Can get a variety of different color mixing effect of plastic products.