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Types Of White Noise Machines
Mar 22, 2018

White noise machines, or acoustic sleep machines, have quickly become the tool of choice for many sleepers. From basic and inexpensive to elaborate and pricey, night-time audio machines are incredibly popular. They screen, mask, condition, and otherwise create a static sound barrier designed to separate you from outside auditory interruptions.

· Inexpensive white noise machines may only allow you to create one or two types of sound—usually a fan-sound or low-level hum that can be adjusted for volume. Compact and travel-sized sleep sound machines have become popular as well, considering that many travelers are already at risk for transient insomnia without sound interruptions to complicate matters. And don’t forget about adding a small sound machine to your baby’s room. Experts say that infants cycle more often in and out of light sleep during which they are vulnerable to even the slightest sounds. Mask background noise with a sleep machine.

·  High-end sleep sound machines come with bigger price tags, but for a number of reasons. Many of them are designed specifically as a sleep aid, clinically tested, and outfitted with an assortment of carefully engineered acoustic sounds.

Types of background sleep soundscapes you may find packaged in an acoustic sleep machine:

·                     Waterfall

·                     Roaring surf

·                     Rain

·                     Thunderstorm

·                     Rainforest

·                     River or stream

·                     Wind

·                     Night-time forest sounds: birds, crickets, frogs, owl

·                     Train

These machines may be great for people that need noise, you argue, but what about those that prefer silence? Remember the rarity of silence? Many silent sleepers convert to these kinds of static sounds, realizing that silence is unlikely. IN a pinch you can even use a portable fan to create extra “white” noise.