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What Is A Head Massager?
Apr 17, 2018

A head massager is a personal care product that is used to stimulate the scalp. It is meant to relax the person receiving the treatment, reduce stress, and create a generally pleasant feeling. There are a number of head massager models on the market that range from very low tech to very high tech. The low-tech models are made up of a handle that is connected to a series of curved aluminum spokes with rounded tips that massage the scalp. The high-tech models are hands-free and are worn like hats that have internal mechanisms to massage the head.

Low-tech head massagers can be applied directly by the person receiving the head massage, or they can be applied by a massage partner. Having a massage partner apply the device to one's head is a good way to enjoy another level of relaxation. Sometimes couples take turns giving each other head massages using theses low-tech head massagers. A high-tech head massager cannot be used by two people in this same way as it is a hands-free device.

The more low-tech a head massager, the more affordable it usually is. A very simple head massager, such as the one described above, can be purchases for as a few US Dollars (USD). The more high-tech models can cost upwards of $200 USD. They are usually sold by companies that specialize in electronic gadgets. The are also sold in mail-order catalogs and are often found in catalogs that cover a range of kinds of products such as in-flight magazines.

In between these two extremes is a head massager that is shaped like the low-tech model but has a battery-operated vibration mechanism that is built into the handle. This model allows the person using the head massager to experience an extra level of stimulation. This kind of head massager is usually about twice the price of a manual massager that is not battery operated. It is very rarely as expensive as the high-tech models that are worn like a cap.

Manual head massagers can be found in a number of stores and catalogs. Stores that specialize in bath products and personal care products, for example, may carry this device. The same is true for web retailers that specialize in the same kinds of products.