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What Is A Sleep Machine?
Apr 02, 2018

The sleep machine is a physical therapy instrument that helps the body to sleep. It uses electromagnetic stimulation and biomimetic waves to help people sleep. Sleepers can be divided into low-frequency electromagnetic stimulation-induced sleep, traditional biofeedback therapy, and digital frequency synthesis biomimetic waves.

The mechanism of the sleep machine: digital frequency synthesis bioelectrical waveform current stimulation of the cerebellar top nucleus (FNS), the cerebellar top nuclei directly projected to the thalamus, hypothalamus, electrical stimulation of the cerebellar top nuclei caused by changes in neurons excited, and the line projection to The thalamus, hypothalamus, and through the thalamus cortex connect with the cerebral cortex; initiate the protection of the central nervous neurons, increase the membrane potential stability of the brain cells, reduce brain excitability, improve and enhance sleep function, and use FNS to treat insomnia with stability The internal nervous system environment actively adjusts the patient's sleep/wake rhythm and improves the sleep disturbance caused by increased brain excitability. It actively adjusts sleep and wakeful rhythm to achieve non-drug treatment for insomnia.