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Who Is Inciting The Development Of Sleep Economy
Apr 02, 2018

Amazon's overseas sales figures show that more and more consumers are keen to purchase sleep products that regulate environmental factors such as sound, light, and smell to enhance the overall sleep experience, creating a hypnotic sound purifier -white noise machines, natural wake-up lights that can gradually enhance the light to simulate the early morning sunrise, and scented candles that effectively relieve sleepiness continue to climb sales of the various sleep products represented, and are among the most popular among Amazon consumers for the first time. Among the top ten categories of sleep products are among the ranks.

With the increase of people's awareness of environmental protection and health, sleep products using original ecological materials are increasingly respected, such as green water-based paints, solid wood materials, etc. It is worth mentioning that natural latex is due to its multiple advantages such as antibacterial, antimony, and durability ,which is widely welcomed by consumers. According to the latest data from AmazonChina, in the past year, sales of natural latex-made sleep products continued to grow, including 8 types of latex bedding including natural latex pillows and natural latex mattresses.

According to Amazon China sales data, international big-name beddings continued to sell well. Among them, the well-known British mattress brand Slumberland and the German luxury duvet brand Hanskruchen, which have a history of more than 100 years, have achieved outstanding sales performance in the past year and both have achieved double sales growth year-on-year. Home Furnishings, Zhihua Shi, TAIPATEX, AIRLAND Arran, SLEEMON, EcolifeLatex, Slumberland, NICED Nasdi, TEMPUR, Paratex and other top ten global brands have topped Amazon's best-selling home Brand list.