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Our Services

Huawei Product provides one-stop service from product design,prototyping,plastic injection mold to OEM and ODM production.


 Original Unique Design


Our company specializes in designing and building new products. From just one 2D image, such as illustration or design sketch to 3D data, accurate mock-up (molding, casting, resin cast, etc.) or complete mold, offer a one-stop service,

We work with inventors on a Start-Up Budget, Entrepreneurs who are starting a Business, and Businesses who have been selling products for years.

Offer the best solution in product design
Our design  is not only made just according to the information or drawings provided by customers, also we analyze the manufacturing feasibility of the deifferent structure design, and  offer the best solution and help customer settle all the problem during the production process,prevent any problems which may happened in production line in future.

◆Our design goal:

1.lowest cost
2.high value-added
3.production feasible and stability
4.short lead-time of development




OEM OEM Production


Professional Team:

 •Professional sales team, rich experience in selling digital products and household plastic daily products

 •Skilled workers and all technical support from engineer team

 •Wealth of manufacturing experience